West Florida Genealogical Society
West Florida Genealogical Society

WFGS and the 200th Anniversary

On July 17, 2021, it will have been 200 years since a ceremony exchanging flags took place in Pensacola, officially transferring the territory of La Florida from Spain to the United States. A committee has been formed to help plan the commemoration:
  • Dr. Judy Bense, chair and historical archaeologist, 18th century
  • Margo Stringfield, co-chair, historical archaeologist
  • Rob Overton, director, UWF Historic Trust
  • Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, historical archaeologist, 18th and 19th century
  • Darien Schaefer, president/CEO, Visit Pensacola
  • Jack Brown, former City and County administrator
  • Dr. Brian Rucker, historian, Northwest Florida
  • Gregg Harding, historic preservation planner, City of Pensacola
  • Dr. Marion Williams, local historian and African-American leader
  • Dr. John Appleyard, local public historian
  • Dr. Bill Lees, historical archaeologist 19th century and executive director, Florida Public  Archaeology Network
  • Teniadé Broughton, president, John Sunday Society, member of Pensacola Save Our Structures
  • Laura Coale, director for communications and public information, Escambia County
WFGS has been asked to assist in a research project which hopes to ennumerate every person living in Pensacola at the time of the transfer. We will be using the 1820 census, the 1822 voter rolls, and other records to produce a list of as many eye witnesses to history as we can. If you would like to assist in this research, or if you have a resource that may be useful in the project, please contact Erin Renfroe or Virginia Shelby for more information. And watch this page for updates on the plans!