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July 16, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Florida Hidden Treasures
From the Facebook page: Panhandle libraries are sharing their digitized collection of historical and genealogical documents. It includes materials from Destin, Okaloosa/Walton, Lynn Haven, Bay County, Chipola, and Liberty County.
July 11, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Cuban Revolutionary Patriots
Got Spanish or Cuban ancestry? From a member of the King's Gap Chapter of the DAR: "Apparently, there has been significant research on Cuban soldiers that served during the Revolution and while DAR has accepted their service for 100 years or more, this provides more detail including a list of soldiers that served."
July 6, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Using the Leeds Method
From the Facebook page: If you're using DNA to search for a birth parent, or trying to figure out where mystery matches fit into your tree, the Leeds method can help. Dana Leeds wrote a step by step guide to using color to sort your matches. (She shows with a spreadsheet, but you can also use the colored dots on MyHeritage or Ancestry.
June 26, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
From the Facebook page: Noted genealogy educators Diane L. Richard and David M. McCorkle are launching GenWebinars, offering in-depth interactive sessions with extended Q&A and discussion periods, detailed handouts and additional supporting material.
June 22, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Can your DNA help solve a crime?
From the Facebook page: The newest DNA database is a tool strictly for law enforcement. If you'd like to make your DNA available for solving violent crime or identifying the unknown dead, check it out. Click here to learn more.
June 17, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Fold3: War of 1812 records
From the Facebook page (16 Jun 2024): On this date, 212 ago, President James Madison signed a declaration of war against Great Britain. If you have ancestors who served (or were of an age to serve), pension records are free to search and view at Fold3. Click here to explore.
June 12, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Pullman Company Records
From the Facebook page: The Newberry recently digitized employment records from the Pullman Company. If an ancestor or relative was a Pullman porter, you may find a photo and other information.
May 21, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Genealogy in Action
From a Facebook page called Our Old House (see the original post here, if you're on Facebook):
I live in an 1870s farmhouse in California. While gardening one day last year, I espied a glint of gold! I had dug up a thick gold band!
I rinsed it off and found that it was inscribed inside, Elinor Aberdeen 1870. I have lived in this house for 38 years and this was by far the most interesting thing I have ever found!
I called my friend Sharlene Van Rooy, who is a historical detective buff, and together we spent hours of research finding all the previous owners of the house. Finally, we "struck gold". We discovered that the local postmaster, Llewellyn Thornton, had lived in the house between 1892-1901, and he had a grandmother named Elinor Aberdeen!
Elinor was born in Ireland in 1808. She had one daughter with John Aberdeen in 1833. This daughter married and came to California. Elinor stayed in Kentucky. She died on July 1, 1880 at the age of 72 and was buried in Versailles, Kentucky. Elinor's grandson lived in my house after Elinor had died.
Logic tells us that the ring was lost by one of his family members here in my yard between 1892-1901. And I found it approximately 122 years later! My friend Sharlene and I were able to find the great great granddaughter of Elinor Aberdeen, Mary Doherty, just a few hours away. We met, had a lovely lunch together, and gave her back her long lost family heirloom!
May 17, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
UWF Archives Quick Guide
During his presentation to the West Florida Genealogical Society on April 26, 2024, Dean DeBolt handed out a Quick Guide to the resources at the UWF Archives and West Florida History Center. He has given us permission to use this Quick Guide on our website, and it is located here under Research Resources. It is available to the public. Enjoy!
May 10, 2024 By: Erin Renfroe
Mother's Day Deals
From the Facebook page:
All the major DNA testing companies have sales on Autosomal tests right now. MyHeritage and Ancestry have the lowest price: $39 per kit. FamilyTreeDNA is $59. 23andMe is $79 ($148 for Health+Ancestry). Living DNA is $90.
Also, Newspapers.com is free this weekend! Search millions of pages of newspapers for FREE through Sunday. Use this link to get free access to Newspapers.com.